12th October 2014 13:55
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Heck yes! Thank you, Wal-mart! Can’t wait to go home and make another picture frame out of a @birchbox! ^.^ #happygirl #diy #crafts

11th October 2014 13:31
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More #birchbox #diy!!! I can’t be stopped! Jk. Anyway, when I was a kid I remember making a picture frame out of an empty Mac & Cheese box, so I took that same idea with an empty @Birchbox and spruced it up with some duct tape. I used construction paper to decorate the outside of the box when I was a kid. Now the box also doubles as a storage box for other pictures! Yay! #dualpurposes Later I’m going to search for a different patterned duct tape to suit our California Adventure photo, but for now I used the Hello Kitty one I already have on hand because I can’t wait until later to tackle this idea. #crafts

11th October 2014 10:30
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So, this is what it looks like without the boxes in their slots. You can see where I ran out of tape. I’m using this one to store my nail art supplies. :) #diy #birchbox @birchbox #crafts

11th October 2014 10:11
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My Birchboxes were stacking up because I like to hoard them instead of throw them away, so I made them into drawers. Only cost about $3 to make. Actually, this first one cost more because I had to buy a new glue gun and refills. Oh…and I ran out of duct tape, so I have to go out and buy one more roll. But I could have avoided that if I distributed the tape out better. Uh…yeah. Only downside is the glitter paper I used. I would suggest it. Glitter went everywhere. If you do want to use glitter paper, buy a better quality one where the glitter doesn’t fall off. I got mine from the dollar store. I’m going to see if there’s something I can paint on mine to help the glitter stay put. Anyway, if you have any questions on how to make this, just ask. I’ll do my best to answer them. #diy #Birchbox @birchbox #dolarstorecrafts #crafts



The highly popular John Green book bracelets are currently IN STOCK! 3 available at the moment (but don’t worry, if they run out I’ll be adding more each day).

Be sure to check out the other listings as well and I always welcome suggestions!


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To buy mini books please visit the our Etsy shop. If you don’t see the book(s) you like or the piece of jewelry you’d want, please read our Tumblr page on how to order a custom.


I can make any book into a necklace, charm bracelet, earrings, keychain etc.

Book charms are made from A4 paper, printed high quality and sealed to be water resistant.

Many of you were wondering where to get one before, so here you go: This beautiful creation is back in stock!

These are so cute!

13th November 2011 12:30
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Bacon and eggs: melted white chocolate, yellow m&ms, and pretzel sticks.


Ahhhhh!! Those are so cute!

13th November 2011 11:30
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Macro Lens for iPhone {How to}

Found at: http://greylustergirl.blogspot.com

Holy shat! Doing this! I still have a disposable camera on hand. YES.

19th October 2011 11:00
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Looks weird now, but I’m making good progress! On to the main piece! The actual hat. *nervous*

I guess it’s no secret what kind of hat i’m trying to make. Anyone think I should make the bow bigger?

19th October 2011 0:47
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Well, these took me forever to perfect. Geeze.

EARS. Bleh. I’m going to sleep because my eyes are tired, and my hands hurt!

18th October 2011 20:51
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I made a bow?

18th October 2011 18:15
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Off to the craft store to buy some yarn!

Got a project idea! Let’s see if I actually finish this one.

Two hints: Hello Kitty, and Hat. XD

19th September 2011 14:00
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